A Brief Overview of Some of Our Products

At NickelRock we like to handle the materials side of things for you if you’ll let us. We have a variety of products and following is an overview of some of the products we offer. You pick the materials and let us know what you need and we transport it to your site.

Limestone Base & Commercial Base are used for the foundation of construction products and for roads and driveways. They provide easy application and a smooth surface for a road or foundation. Limestone base is made of its namesake, limestone, making it relatively inexpensive.

LRA Base, or limestone rock asphalt base is much like the bases above in its uses but differs in its composition. It is a very great material for any construction project.

LRA Fines, or limestone rock asphalt fines, are much like LRA base mentioned above, but its composition is different. It is a combination of limestone rock asphalt, fluxing material, water, and sometimes additives and virgin aggregates. This fine, though similar in use to a base, is more finely crushed.

Field Sand is used for highly maintained areas of turf, such as those on athletic fields or on golf greens and tees. The sand provides a great drainage system for the field.

Washed Sand is a light color that is screened and washed to remove impurities such as silt and clay, then allowed to drain. It is used on golf courses, as a base for laying bricks, as a pool liner and more.

Pea Gravel is rounded gravel that is hard, durable, opaque and free of sand, clay or other foreign substance.

Hot Mix is a type of asphalt that is composed of about 95 percent stone, sand, or gravel bound together by asphalt cement. Asphalt cement is heated aggregate, combined and mixed.

Cold Mix is a type of asphalt that is produced by emulsifying the asphalt in water with soap prior to mixing with the aggregate. While in its emulsified state, the asphalt is less viscous and easier to work and compact.

Clean Aggregate is a sand or gravel aggregate that is free of clay, dirt, or organic material.

Crushed Granite is great for design or for paving materials for a landscape.

Screened Caliche is made of the by-product of finely crushed caliche. It is very fine.

Pit Run Caliche is material excavated directly from an existing bank in a pit and delivered to the jobsite without further processing. It excludes crushing, screening, washing and classifying from its process.

Fill Dirt is earthy material which is used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground or create mounds or otherwise artificially change the grade or elevation of a property.

Top Soil is a fertile soil containing a mixture of inorganic material and organic humus.

At NickelRock we also offer a few custom solutions. Call a representative today to find out more about our products or to get a quote for our services and let us know what we can do for you.

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