The Right Stone For Your Driveway

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home, or increase the value of your home, you know the importance of your driveway to your home because your driveway is a part of the package in curb appeal. A beautiful driveway, depending on the stone used, can increase the value of a home moreso than concrete or asphalt. There are also a variety of options with stone (granite/limestone/etc.), unlike asphalt. With all the choices, you may actually want to consider which stone is right for you and your home.


When choosing stone, don’t forget natural stone such as brick, crushed stone, or recycled stone. Out of these, natural crushed stone is the most commonly purchased stone by homeowners. Produced from granite, limestone, sandstone and traprock, natural crushed stone lends itself to stone/gravel hauling because it is easy to transport. Natural crushed stone will be laid down in layers. It’s base will often consist of large stones dumped on compacted soil to make a solid foundation. The process continues, with smaller stones each layer, until the final layer is laid, in which a mix of small and large stones are placed on top!


Just as there are many different types of stone to use for your driveway, there are a variety of shapes you can choose from, which should appease even the most critical homeowners. Crushed stone offers rough edges and surfaces that make easy contact with tires to create friction. Like puzzle pieces that fit snuggly together. River stone is a rounded stone with smooth surface. If you go with this shape, you may also need to install driveway edging to keep this stone from falling out. Pea gravel is like river stone but smaller, but does require installation to keep the gravel from falling out of the driveway.


Crushed stone can come in a variety of sizes from fractions of an inch up to 7 inches. There is a numbering system, designed by the American Society for Testing and Materials, used to classify stone according to size. Certain stone types can lend themselves to easy hauling by truck.


While sometimes neglected, an important factor in adding to your home’s value is selecting the right color for your stone to match your home’s exterior. Be sure to review your home’s color palette and pick a color that accentuates or complements the overall tone.

If you want to add value to your home, attractive driveways are a great way to do so. In addition to the aesthetics, stone is more environmentally friendly than asphalt and concrete, as both do not drain rain water as well as natural stone. If you need a transport company for your next home driveway renovation, give Nickel Rock a call for a free estimate. Located in Canyon Lake, Texas, but we’ll travel anywhere in Texas to get you the materials you need in a timely manner!

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