Truck Driver Etiquette: Defeating Stereotypes

As a truck driver, it’s obvious to see not only in media but on the streets, that the public’s perception of us has been rapidly declining. We’ve all seen cartoons or movies with the dim-witted truck driver stereotype.

To make sure we don’t perpetuate the stereotypes, we need to proactively think about how the people we encounter during the day perceive us. Like any business, first impressions can be everything. By addressing this, we can boost the reputations of truckers as a whole. Take a look at a few of the guidelines we’ll be talking about today:

Treat Customers Well

Who are your customers, you say? Your customers are everyone you deal within your workday. Your customer is your dispatcher, the DOT inspector, your fellow workers, and the people on the road. How you act and your performance on the job reflects you as a person, and the company whether it’s good or bad.

That means you shouldn’t be quick to anger on the job. A friendly employee is much more likely to be remembered than an irate one.

Again, give and you shall receive. Much like everything else in life, the golden rule applies to customer service as well: treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Clean Up

Sitting in the same spot all day with the sun beating down on you can leave you sweating and smelling within an hour. Sometimes even with the A/C on full blast you can start stinking.

If you shower daily, slapping on some deodorant should keep those smelly odors at bay and keep you smelling fresh. These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a truck stop that DIDN’T have a shower, so there is no excuse for those rank odors on a long haul. Good hygiene isn’t just a shower though! Be sure to brush your teeth and hair daily and trim facial hair when needed.

Dress to Impress

Even if you never speak to someone, the way you look and dress can paint a picture of the person you are. When driving a truck, no one is expecting you look like you’re headed to a wedding, but you should take strides to dress nicely.

Most fleet companies provide uniforms, but usually it is your responsibility to keep it clean, pressed and looking good.

Even if your company can’t provide you with a uniform, you should still make sure to clean up. Invest in some good quality work clothes, such as a dress shirt and khakis. During hotter months, try wearing something with more breathing room, such as a collared polo shirt. Extra clothes is usually another good idea when going on long hauls.

You’re not just representing your company, while out on the road, you’re also representing your fellow truckers.

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