Sustainable and Green Construction Material Options

Sustainable Construction are two words most people may have not heard put side by side before, or even thought could go hand in hand. Sounds crazy, right? Luckily, people have been discovering ways to make construction more green for a long time now. Engineers, researchers and architects are constantly testing and inventing ways to bring more sustainable and organic materials in construction practices. Here are some sustainable materials that people have been using and are currently testing out right now!

Wool bricks

Wool bricks are typical bricks, but with an added twist. Spanish and Scottish scientists devised a combination of wool and the clay material books are made out of to make a much stronger brick. According to the research, the wool brick is 37% stronger than it’s regular brick counterparts, and is much more resistant to wet climates. The bricks are also non-toxic and sourced from locally abundant materials, which allow for a quicker and more efficient.

Sustainable Concrete

Concrete in and of itself is already a sustainable material, but what if you added something more to it to amplify it’s “green-ness” even more? This is what sustainable concrete is. It is simply concrete that has recycled materials added to it. Materials can range from crushed glass, wood chips, or even slag, which is a byproduct of steel production. It may not seem like a radically transformative idea, using materials that would have been trashed anyways is a good way to keep it from ending up in the dump. Adding recycled materials also helps reduce the CO2 emissions from concrete.

Recycled Rubber

Recycled Rubber is a great way to help out the environment, especially because it’s sustainable and is great for your upcoming construction projects! Recycled rubber is used in many aggregates, such as such as rubber asphalt, which is especially useful in building roadways. The benefits are numerous, from improving the overall pavement life, increasing resistance to cracks forming within the asphalt, and reducing noise levels on roads and highways.


There’s a good chance you’ve seen Terrazzo flooring in many buildings, and that’s for good reason. Terrazzo is a sustainable flooring made from recycled glass and cast concrete. The end result is a material made of 80-95% post consumer recycled content. Terrazzo is less porous than marble, with all the same texture and pattern work, so it looks just as beautiful and lasts just as long!

If any of these materials look good to you, perhaps you’ll be able to use them in your next construction project or endeavor! If you need a reliable, speedy and friendly company to help you transport your materials all across Texas, give Nickel Rock a call at 210–468–0290! We promise to help you get the construction materials you need, when you need it!

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